What are Superbugs?
Dangerous superbug infections such as MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) are on the rise around the United States and these potentially deadly superbugs are no longer confined to hospitals. The MRSA superbug is showing up in gyms, schools, on sports teams and in other community settings in increasing numbers. The flesh eating bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis is another type of superbug that is especially aggressive and deadly. Flesh eating bacteria destroy the body’s tissues and kill 25% of its victims.

MRSA and other superbugs are growing much more common and even the newest -last resort- antibiotics are becoming less effective against these infections every year. Superbugs such as resistant Tuberculosis (TB), MRSA, Typhoid (Salmonella), C. difficile (-C.diff-), Enterococci, and Streptococcus are growing problems for which the so-called antibiotic -miracle drugs- often no longer work, causing many deaths each year.

Dr. Oz and Oprah Report on Superbugs
The April 28th episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show featured the growing problem of superbug infections, MRSA and deadly flesh eating bacteria. Doctor Mehmet Oz M.D., provided guidelines to prevent superbugs and how to protect yourself and your family on this episode of the Oprah show. But what do you do if you catch a superbug infection and how do you treat these infections effectively?

The really scary thing about superbugs is that the antibiotics relied upon heavily to treat these infections are becoming less effective every year. Bacteria are very crafty and can adapt quickly and learn how to become immune to the effect of antibiotics. Unfortunately, the development of new antibiotics by drug companies has slowed down in recent years, limiting the number of drug treatment options becoming available.

The more antibiotics are used, the more resistant bacteria become. And because of the declining usefulness of antibiotics, it’s imperative that these important drugs be saved for those in the most urgent of need.

Can Antibiotics Still Be Relied Upon?
With the ever increasing number of antibiotic-resistant infections, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has warned that the age of antibiotics may be soon be drawing to an end, returning the world to a -pre-antibiotic era-. Antibiotics may soon become useless as more superbugs learn how to resists these drugs.

It is clear that antibiotics can no longer be relied upon exclusively to stop MRSA and other superbug infections. But without the -miracle drugs’ of antibiotics, what can be done to successfully treat MRSA and other superbug infections?

Alternative Non-Antibiotic Treatments
There is good news. Effective treatment alternatives besides antibiotics are available that can kill MRSA and other superbug bacteria. These so-called -alternative- methods are largely unknown by the medical community in the United States even though they are widely prescribed by doctors in France, Germany and other countries. These alternative methods are safe, effective and have been proven with a long track record of success with infections.

Alternative methods are much less vulnerable to the problems of antibiotic resistance and are therefore very effective against superbug infections like MRSA. Alternative methods also have fewer side effects than antibiotic drugs, which often weaken the immune system and increase the risks of future infections. Alternative methods are also more cost effective than antibiotics and are easier to use.

According to Michelle Moore, and author of the book MRSA Secrets Revealed, -The most common problem people have with Staph and MRSA is recurring infections. The growing inability of mainstream medicine to successfully treat Staph and MRSA is a source frustration, disappointment, fear, and even despair for hundreds of thousands of people suffering from these potentially deadly infections-.

The resource book MRSA Secrets Revealed by Michelle Moore covers traditional treatment methods as well as a comprehensive listing of alternative MRSA superbug methods. The book was written by Microbiologist and bacteria researcher Michelle Moore and provides a background on the major issues surrounding MRSA and superbugs in laymen’s terms. The book also presents information on finding integrative medical care, how to work best with doctors, prevention of MRSA and superbug infections and boosting the immune system.

For additional information on MRSA and Staph superbug treatment options, prevention and other infection resources, visit the website www.Staph-Infection-Resources.com.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michelle Moore is a Pharmaceutical Microbiologist and total health advocate. She has been in the pharmaceutical and natural health fields for over 15 years and has helped thousands of people regain their health naturally. Learn how you can stop the cycle of reinfections and eradicate your MRSA or Staph, or learn more about these infections at www.Staph-Infection-Resources.com.

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