For many countries,  participation in sporting events instils a sense of national pride and unity among the citizens.

Many countries like France and therefore willing to spend a huge amount of revenue that is channelled to promote sports.

This is evident from the number of athletic scholarships offered to citizens for them to participate in a sporting discipline. It is also a highly-paying profession you can tell this from the number of athletes that have their net worth publicized online.

The private sector has invested a lot In the sporting sector and it has become a booming business. Organizing athletic events and signing up athletes for promotional purposes is one of the leading ways to channel a business income.

Small enterprises are also benefiting from this. You can find online and offline businesses that sell sporting equipment and wears.

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Taking a shift from this article we are going to look at some of the most popular sports in France. Let’s have a look;

1.  Cycling 

Cycling is the most popular sporting event that French people participated in. It has more than 100 years of history in cycling events.

One of the biggest annual events is hosted in France, the Tour de France. The event it’s scheduled yearly in July since it was first founded in 1903.

It attracts over 10 million people who gather to witness the live event.

Apart from this, there are so many other cycling events and competitions. Notably; pro tour events, the Pyrenes, the Alps among others.

One of the reasons why cycling is a very appreciated sporting event in the country is that people can participate without necessarily competing.

Some of these road cycling events are organised primarily for entertainment and recreation. This is not the case with many other sporting events like football because you have to be a professional

The sport is also exciting to watch because of the different challenges and routes for cycling. To make such an amazing sporting event to participate in when you’re out for holiday or vacation in France.

2.  Soccer 

If there’s one thing most European countries have in common is their appreciation for soccer. France has also not been left out at the forefront of the game.

French players participate in the UEFA European Championship and have won the cup. France has also hosted several UEFA Champions events.

The county has 20 football clubs with Ligue 1 as the French professional football league. These teams compete for the French football league championship.

The women have also not been left out,  there is a French women’s national football team France participated in the FIFA women’s World Cup with 2021 being the best year yet having taken the 4th place.

3.  Rugby

The French Rugby Union has performed well in the Rugby League competition and has managed to retain its reputation across Europe. The game in itself is more popular in the Southern part of France.

The country team is the Rugby Union which is governed by the French Rugby Federation. Rugby and the state has been celebrated yearly since it was first founded in 1872 when was first played in Le Havre.

The rugby union participates in four national competitions;  Rugby World Cup, Six Nations Rugby, World Cup Sevens, and the world rugby sevens series.

The Six Nations championships for instance is a competition between teams from France, England, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales.

4.  Tennis 

Finally, the tennis sport is also among the popular games in the country.

One of the major competitions that occur annually is the French Open in Paris France. The tournament dates back to 1891 when it was first founded.

The major current events during the tournament are the men’s championships, the women’s championship, mixed doubles and Grand Slam.

One very distinct feature about the tournament is that clay courts are used as the surface instead of grass or hard courts.

Players come from all over the world but it was previously meant for French club members.