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Reasons to visit Monaco

The principality of Monaco is a tiny country, but it is an absolute gem for anyone who enjoys exploring a place that is rich in history, littered with amazing architecture and a veritable playground for the ultra-rich and famous.

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Whether you are keen to spend some time at the F1 Paddock Club Monaco, laze on the beach or gamble the night away, Monaco has it all.

The Casino de Monte Carlo

Housed in one of the most beautiful buildings in the principality, the Casino de Monte Carlo is every gamblers dream. This luxurious casino is the epitome of glitz and glamour, and it is not surprising that it has appeared in several James Bond films.

The Prince’s Palace

The Genoese fortress is home to Prince Albert. The Grimaldi family have called the fortress home since 1297, and it is steeped in tradition and beautifully maintained. This lavish venue is open for tours and summer concerts are also held in its grounds.

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Larvotto Beach

One of the world’s trendiest waterfronts, Larvotto beach is where the celebs and the rich catch a tan. Big sunglasses, designer bathing suits and overpriced lounge chairs are the order of the day, and people watching at this beach is an experience not to be missed!

The Grand Prix

Since 1929 Monaco has been home to the annual Monaco Grand Prix on the Circuit de Monaco. What makes this circuit so unique and a favourite of F1 Paddock Club Monaco fans is that it runs straight through the principality’s streets, so the setting is both glamorous and exciting. The F1 Paddock Club Monaco provides the best view of the action and gives spectators a backstage pass to the pits and other usually off-limits areas too.

Nouveau Musee National de Monaco

Monaco’s national museum is spread out across two different locations and each venue showcases the work of modern artists. The Villa Sauber and Paloma both offer a treat for the culturally inclined, and the latter features regular performances by local artists.

Le Jardin Exotique

An exotic garden that needs to be seen to be believed, the Le Jardin Exotique was opened in 1933 and it features an amazing array of weird and wonderful plants, amazing views and the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology and the Cave of the Observatory as its attractions.

Training Drills to Enhance Your Fitness in Football

Whatever your level, improving your fitness is key to performing well. With plenty to play for at the end of the match, it pays to ensure you can keep going until the final whistle.

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A proven way of seeing improvements in your football fitness is to implement and maintain drills that will enhance your stamina. Let’s take a look at some football training drills you can add to your routine.

Keep on Running

Interval training is widely used in top-tier football to increase VO2 Max (a body’s maximum oxygen consumption rate).

Innovative teams of physiotherapists, doctors and fitness professionals fully understand how football training drills can help performance, and using interval running concepts is a big aspect of this.

Using a treadmill or any flat open space, jog for four minutes and then perform a four-minute tempo run. Repeat this four times. Mix things up by changing direction to keep it interesting and mimic footwork patterns during play.

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Drills That Pack a Punch

If you look at some of the best players in the world, you will notice how they can make even top-level defenders look foolish by how they use explosive power. Messi, Ronaldo and Salah all seem to have supernatural powers to spin and move away from situations when they are smaller than the opposition or outnumbered.

Exercises in this drill may seem a bit old-school but they really do work. Try burpees, star jumps, squats and box jumps. Work out a mix of these in sets of ten, increasing speed or difficulty on each rep to really feel the burn.

Get Faster

Gone are the days when only certain positions needed speed. Even the old-school centre-half needs to be fleet-footed these days to protect that clean sheet. You will hear the top players in the world cite losing a yard or two of pace as a major factor for hanging up their boots.

Traditional sprinting will always help, but adding weights or parachute pulls will push your leg muscles to the limit.

Try five sled pulls for 50 metres with a short rest in between each rep of around 30 seconds. If you haven’t got access to a weighted sled, try a bungee cord or make a parachute to attach to your back.

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