When traveling to a foreign country, most people are eager to take in as much of the sights and activities that the country has to offer.

Sweden is an exciting, culturally rich country, offering a wide range of activities for tourists and locals to partake in. From hiking to helicopter rides through the mountainous areas, there is an activity to suit even the fussiest traveler.

A new concept when it comes to enjoying activities is the introduction of experience gifting. This innovative way of arranging activities is a fairly new concept in Sweden and is quickly gaining popularity amongst companies and individuals alike. To read more about experience gifting, as well as to find the best company through which to book your experience, visit Omdomesstalle.se, which is a Swedish review site that provides consumers with honest reviews of companies from toy stores to experience gifting companies such as Live It.

Experiences available include options such as air, water, indoor and outdoor activities. Air activities include helicopter rides, paragliding, bungee jumping from suspended bridges and more, while the water option would have activities such as canoeing, kayaking through turbulent waters, visiting a glacial lake to enjoy the cool waters, and deep-water diving through shipwrecks found off the coast of Sweden.

While the more adventurous options such as those listed above are not for everyone, there are milder activities such as day hikes in a forest or mountain path, visits to parks and botanical gardens for picnics, as well cycling or fishing trips with a group of friends. It is important to take a person’s interests into account when choosing an experience as a gift. Buying a kayaking trip through turbulent waters might not appeal to someone who enjoys the serenity of bird-watching in a beautiful mountainous area.

Experience gifting is popular with larger companies as thank-you gifts for clients as well as colleagues who might be visiting from another office. Instead of the usual boring pen and pad set, companies are looking at new, exciting gifting ideas which will create a lasting impression for the person receiving the gift.

Experience gifting is also a great alternative to standard gifts for events like birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Why give a friend a book or handbag for their birthday when you can give them a helicopter ride over the beautiful mountains of Sweden. It can go a long way in showing the person that you put thought into our gift, as well as giving them a way to create more memories. Experience gifting can be purchased for you and a group of friends to enjoy together, or simply as something that the receiver can do with a loved one.

Costing depends on the activity itself, as well as the equipment needed. Most experience gifting companies will supply all equipment needed, as well as protective clothing, if necessary. Be sure to research your activity carefully so that you are fully aware of all it will entail, as well as any restrictions that might be imposed such as weight, height or even pregnancy.