If you have got your hands on a cycle or a motorbike in Portugal, then it might be time you check out some great routes. Just so you know, Portugal is really popular for its fantastic infrastructure, sceneries, mountains, beaches, and hundreds of other things. So why not consume the most out of them and enjoy them to their fullest? But you cannot really do that if you do not know the best routes. The routes that can show you the natural beauty of Portugal along with the excellent environment and weather. That is why I am going to show you the best routes that you can consider for your cycle or bike and enjoy the routes whenever you want.

Oh, and of course, to explore the tracks and routes, you would definitely need a cycle. So do you have one? If not, then stores like Retto or other cycling stores can help you out. These stores have great variety within the cycling industry, and you can also buy different types of equipment from there.

The bike routes you should definitely check out in Portugal!

Let’s get started and see what the routes mentioned below can offer you!

1. Ecovia do Litoral

If you are thriving for a calm path, cold breezes, and a stunning view, then Ecovia do Litoral cycling tracks can be a blessing for you. If you think it is a short route, then no, the whole route stretches up to 214km, and it is definitely very long. The whole track connects different places with each other along with the Spanish border. You can take several breaks, explore different cities and the borders and enjoy the famous fishing across the coast to have tasty lunch or dinner.

But make sure that you have all the right equipment with you for the whole ride. You can use the platform Opinioesja.pt to find different services in Portugal that can offer you all types of equipment. Go through the reviews too to make sure that the services and stores are legit.

2. Azores

Here is another place in Portugal that will let you experience the sea along with the whales. Yes, Azores is quite popular for whale-seeing, and it can make your whole ride even better. But if you are hoping for smooth and sturdy roads all the time on this path, then the Azores are not for you. The Azores includes all types of roads, including furnished, untouched, soiled, and many more. That is what makes the whole cycling experience better for anyone.

3. Peneda Gerês National Park

If you want to get yourself outside of the city life and even the countryside life, then Peneda Gerês National Park can be an excellent pick for you. The whole path is covered with forests along with a river that is attached to it. You will come across some of the oldest villages during your trip, so you can take breaks, enjoy a meal, and continue riding until you have enjoyed it thoroughly.

The verdict!

Do not wait and pick the best possible route and start something new and different. It is not only great for your health, but for the peace of mind too. You will be able to learn many new things and experience what you have not experienced before.