Are you a sports-loving person? You’ll fit right in with the Finnish. This nation is sports-obsessed – and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a city block without a gym. is a peer review platform with opinions, feedback, experiences, and insights from real-world people that have shared their shopping experiences with sports companies and businesses in Finland. If you’re looking for sports-related products, you will most likely come across the name Fressi24, and customers have shared their insights into what you can expect when you shop with them too.

Most companies in Finland provide saunas, gym memberships, workout areas, and meditation spaces for their employees. You’ll not be able to walk a city block in a city in the south such as Helsinki nor in the north such as the Lapland region without passing a gym, exercise studio and public park with gym equipment that’s free-to-use.

There are even smartphone apps that will help you to find the nearest gym for you to work out and maintain your fitness program. Hotels traditionally offer gyms. However, you’ll be able to exercise just about anywhere you want by paying for a day’s admission – or even making use of the public spaces and equipment.

Sports and fitness are a national pastime in Finland. From ice hockey to mountain biking, ice swimming to disc golf, and more, the Finns love to spend their time working out or training for their sports. While you think you are competitive, just wait until you flash a stopwatch at a Finn while running: they’ll take off like they’re in the Olympics. This isn’t about their egos or pride: this is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Finns – in general – love fitness and exercise.

In Helsinki, the most populated city in Finland, you’ll find the best and biggest gyms. Helsinki’s city government has more than 70 gym facilities available to residents, a few horse stables, ice rinks, and swimming pools. The majority of these gym facilities also boasts saunas, another Finnish tradition. After a sweaty workout session, most Finns relax in the sauna.

If you like summer sports you’ll love pesappallo – the Finnish version of baseball. It is only played in Finland and is the most popular sport here. There are playing fields just about everywhere for this beloved sport.

Don’t forget that Helsinki has the most illuminated cycling and walking paths in all of Finland. You can cycle and walk night or day in relative safety. Even in winter, these paths are well maintained. If a path passes a home, it is the responsibility of that home resident or owner to maintain and ensure that the path in front of their home is safe for use – or if someone falls, that person can sue the home resident.

With all these health and fitness centres open in Finland, you’ll not see too many bodybuilders. Most people go to gyms for health and toning of their muscles. Their aims are for the longevity of life, well-being, and to add a sense of balance to their lives. After all, Finland is the happiest country in the world to live in so they must be getting it right.